Change in the management of Vertogas

11 maart 2019

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As from April 1, 2019, Marco Middelkoop will transfer his duties as director of Vertogas to Roelf Tiktak.

Marco Middelkoop

I have been a director of Vertogas since January 1, 2017, and it has been a real pleasure to fill this role. I held this position for approximately 2 days a week in addition to my business development activities for Gasunie.

A lot has happened in the period since I took office, although not everything was always visible to the outside world. The green gas market is developing rapidly: more volume, more players, more international demand for GoOs, more attention to chain risks. The impact on Vertogas has been, among other things, that the questions from market parties have increased, that we are active in ERGaR, that we are continuously improving our processes and strengthening our organisation. I really enjoyed working with the Vertogas team on building up and future-proofing the organisation. As Vertogas we have taken solid steps forward, meaning that I can transfer the organisation to Roelf with confidence. He has been getting to know the company since the end of January, so I am sure the transition will be fairly smooth. As for me, I'm taking advantage of a voluntary redundancy scheme at Gasunie and am looking forward to the many opportunities the future has in store for me. This gives me the chance to take a short sabbatical, to take a step back from my previously hectic schedule and orient myself on what steps to take next. Perhaps we will meet again in the future.

Roelf Tiktak

I will take over the Vertogas management from Marco Middelkoop on April 1, 2019. This position is quite different from what I was doing until 1 December 2018. Until then I was seconded by Gasunie to Gate terminal B.V., the LNG terminal on the Maasvlakte at Rotterdam. At Gate, as LNG account manager, my job focused on expanding the client base, i.e. bringing in new contracts, maintaining business relationships and various other commercial matters. A fascinating time in which the terminal was built, commissioned and operated. A period of building up a new business, often starting from zero, and a great once in a lifetime experience. An experience that now also comes in useful for my new position.

Prior to my time at Gate, I held positions within Gasunie in various fields, of a technical, commercial and also operational nature. I trained as an engineer.

On December 1, 2018, I moved “back” to Gasunie and as green gas programme manager was responsible for fulfilling the company’s green gas ambitions, including those set out in the climate agreement. Not an unimportant job, and also one that is not clearly fleshed out in terms of content and scope. We call that a challenge nowadays.

And now, starting from April 1, another great new challenge: Vertogas. I look forward to starting, because there is a lot, indeed a lot, to do in the field of green gas, or from a broader perspective, sustainable gases.

I think that the Vertogas dossier, which is new to me, will give me lots of great opportunities to get my teeth into in order to offer the market a strong supporting role in a new world where energy transition is high on the agenda.

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