Newsletter December 2018

13 december 2018

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The green gas market, and consequently also the Proof of Origin (PoO) market, are growing and changing at a rapid pace. We at Vertogas notice this in the difference in questions that are raised with us, the market players that approach us more frequently, and the business partners with which we work more closely than ever before.

In October Vertogas issued its millionth PoO for 2018. This equates to approximately 100 million m3 of green gas fed into the gas network in 2018 to date. An amazing milestone! In 2017 the magic figure of 1 million was not quite reached. For 2018 as a whole we expect to issue about 1.2 million PoOs, and predict that the certification figure will rise in the years to come.

In addition to this growth and the associated dynamics, there are other changes which we want to share with you in this newsletter.

Change to the PoO Ministerial Regulation

On 30 November 2018 the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy published an amended version of the Regulation of Proof of Origin for energy from renewable energy sources. Click here to consult the new regulation. Two important changes to this Regulation are the Vertogas rates and the introduction of NTA8003:2017. These two are discussed in more details below.

Vertogas Rates for 2019

The Vertogas rates for 2019 were revised upwards in consultation with the participants’ council and the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. The current rates can be found on our website.

Introduction of NTA8003: 2017

On 1 January 2019 Vertogas is legally required by the Regulation to transfer to NTA8003:2017 (at present we are still working on the basis of NTA8003:2008). This means that biomass types referred to on the PoOs will be described according to the classification set out in NTA 2017.
This transition is a complex issue, and our Producers have an active role to play in it. The key points of the transition are summarised below:

  • All biomass and sustainability declarations that currently have an end date in 2019 or later will be given an end date of 31-12-2018. Vertogas will carry out this action.
  • As from 1-1-2019, all Producers must enter new biomass and sustainability declarations into the system based on the new NTA classification (changed coding). This can be done from 12 December onwards.
  • The new biomass and sustainability declarations should have a duration from 1-1-2019 to 31-12-2019 as a maximum.
  • Remaining balances of less than 1 MWh on production accounts will expire as of
  • Remaining balances of more than -1 MWh on production accounts will be settled in January 2019 by the withdrawal of active PoOs of comparable biomass origin (trader account).
  • Traders and Producers must check themselves whether there are contractual agreements between them with regard to specific “old” NTA codes.
  • Corrections relating to Assurance reporting shall take place on the basis of the “old” NTA list.
  • On the basis of the updated Regulation as from 2019 manure (co) fermenters are obliged to draw the link in the assurance reports for 2019 between the NTA8003 and the list with co-products of the Manure Fertilisers Act (Meststoffenwet) (annex Aa). A conversion table will be provided at the appropriate time by RVO and Vertogas.

New participation agreement and service contract

Vertogas renewed its Participation agreement and Service contract as of January 2019.

The Participants’ Council approved the changes during the meeting on 30 November 2018. Consequently, the new Participation agreement and Service contract applies to all current and future Participants without new signatures being required.

The main changes are as follows:

  • Overall: Updating (name of Ministry, Regulations etc.)
  • Addition of End user as a role
    • not included as Participant
  • Clarification of rights/obligations
    • Provision of data by Producer
    • Assurance reporting
    • Option to administer import, but this is specified in the Ministerial Regulation
  • Clarification of rates (which apply on a calendar year basis)
  • Service contract: Shorter general conditions for End users

Biomass registration

For reasons of efficiency we would like once again to ask all our Producers to submit their monthly biomass registration on time. This information must be provided by the 15th calendar day of the month so that certificates can be issued.

Traders’ report

An improved version of the Traders’ information report is available in Vertogas’s online environment. The new version offers better filters for types of transaction and trade. However, the historical data period is shorter: the report only shows information relating to certificates issued from mid-April 2018 onwards.

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