Newsletter December 2019

23 december 2019

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Amendment to the Ministerial Decree on Guarantees of Origin 2020

On 13 December 2019, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate published an amendment to the Decree on Guarantees of Origin for energy from renewable energy sources. The decree can be consulted here*.

One important change in this Ministerial Decree concerns the Vertogas tariffs, which have been increased in relation to 2019, because:

  • Vertogas has more risks to consider and the organisation needs to be made more robust and future-proof;
  • a more realistic method for forecasting the quantity of green gas to be certified is being applied;
  • investments in IT and resources are necessary;
  • closer collaboration within the green gas chain is needed with an increasing number of partners;
  • Vertogas’ expertise is being called on more often for regulatory purposes and for guidance on developments abroad in Europe and at home in The Hague.

We discussed the tariffs with our participants’ council and it has agreed. Vertogas then submitted the tariffs to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate for approval. 

In early January we will put together an extensive newsletter which will cover, among other things,

  • focal points relevant to strengthening the Vertogas administration for 2020;
  • a glance back at 2019 showing details of the quantity of issued, traded and redeemed GoOs;
  • an updated monthly overview for producers in terms of the quantity of green gas they have produced.

Vertogas wishes you all the best for the festive season and a prosperous and sustainable 2020.

* In the amended Ministerial Decree (MD), the rates for traders and producers were mistakenly confused. The correct rates are on our website. Our apologies. At the beginning of January this will be adjusted with a new version of the MD.

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