Newsletter July 2019

1 augustus 2019

Naar nieuwsoverzicht

2 July 2019 marked Vertogas's ten-year anniversary. It is not just Vertogas which has changed during those ten years but the whole green gas market. Our mandate, which is to certify renewable gases, is, and remains, our primary task but the arenas in which we operate have become much more dynamic. Consider the following examples:

  • The different adaptations within GoO (Guarantee of Origin) and SDE (sustainable energy production incentive) schemes;
  • The link with the NEa (Netherlands Emissions Authority);
  • Cooperation with our chain partners such as CertiQ, NEa, RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, network operators, metering responsible parties, producers, traders and end users;
  • European developments within ERGaR and CertifHy;
  • And finally, the whole energy transition and the Climate Agreement.

In the future, too, change will be the only constant and for that reason, over the next few months, our investments will focus on making our organisation and IT platform more robust, that's why we will work even more closely with our chain partners and why we want to further enhance the demonstrability of our internal processes (assurance). 

You can read the previous newsletters here and any questions about this newsletter can be emailed to info@vertogas. nl.

Update to Ministerial Decree

On 2 July, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate published an update to the MR GoO (Ministerial Decree on Guarantees of Origin).

Trends in GoOs on the Vertogas platform

  • Producers who have come online since the beginning of this year have only been producing at full strength in the last few months following a start-up period.
  • The high volume of transactions is due to the increase in traders and end users, leading, in turn, to increased liquidity.
  • In February it was clear to see that many traders had registered with the NEa.

End user account

It has been possible for traders to use end user accounts since early last year. An end user is a party who does not wish to trade in Guarantees of Origin (green gas certificates) but wants to receive certificates redeemed on its behalf from a trader for its own use. This functionality is especially interesting for all traders and their customers who have agreements about periodical redemptions of GoOs.

Where previously a redemption was made against a party's own account with a reference to the customer or the contract number, the redemption can now be made directly against the customer. The advantage of such action is:

  • the transparency of the redemption is eased and enhanced;
  • the certificates are directly visible and accessible for the customers concerned.

You can find more information about end user accounts and method of registration here.

RFU – Transfer to the NEa

Vertogas account holders can use our platform to transfer GoOs to the Netherlands Emissions Authority (NEa)'s account. Transferring these GoOs supports the separate process of registering gaseous biofuels in the Energy for Transport Registry (REV) managed by the NEa.

Upon registration, the NEa will open an account for companies wanting to register gaseous biofuel. The NEa will provide the necessary login details to companies who have successfully completed the application procedure.

Renewable Fuel Units (RFUs) can be created for deliveries of gaseous fuel for transport. These deliveries must be ‘covered’ by GoOs. Prior to registration, these GoOs must be transferred to the NEa's account in our platform.

The GoOs guarantee that, somewhere in the gas network, a specific quantity of sustainable green gas has been fed in. The producer of the gas must be certified by a recognised European certification system for sustainable biomass, e.g. NTA8080 or ISCC. The associated sustainability characteristics, such as country of origin and greenhouse gas emissions (information derived from the sustainability declaration), are stated on the GoO by the producer.

If producers choose the RFU route they will waive their entitlement to the SDE subsidy for the month(s) concerned. One important condition is that both Vertogas and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) must be made aware of this at least 3 months before a producer decides to do so.

Participants' Council

Vertogas has been working with a participants' council ever since its creation. A participants' council is composed of delegations of both traders and producers.

Formal consultations are carried out between Vertogas and the participants' council three times a year. During these, the council discusses policy issues, future scenarios, trends in the market and in Europe and proposed changes to the platform. A precise description of the duties with the related rights and obligations is laid down in the official rules and regulations.

You can find the members of the participants' council in this document. In early 2020, elections for members of the participants' council will be held again. Re-election is possible. Anyone who is interested in sitting on the participants' council should inform us.

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