Newsletter March 2019

11 maart 2019

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New director of Vertogas

As of April 1, 2019, Marco Middelkoop will transfer his duties as director of Vertogas to Roelf Tiktak. Read more about this change of leadership here.

Delay in issuance as a result of NTA8003:2017

The previous two newsletters already announced the impact of the introduction of the new NTA8003:2017 list.

To make sure that Vertogas issues correct guarantees of origin (GoO), it is important to have a table to convert the codes from NTA8003:2008 to NTA8003:2017 so that producers can submit correct declarations. If incorrect GoOs are issued due to an incorrect declaration, this can only be corrected by revoking the relevant GoOs and issuing new GoOs. We want to avoid incorrect GoOs being issued as the reliability of GoOs is essential. In addition, a revocation entails considerable costs. For this reason, we have taken the exceptional measure of temporarily suspending the issuance of GoOs.

In the past few weeks, the NEN has taken steps in consultation with a number of Dutch injectors, members of the schedule management committee and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) to redefine the conversion table. The conversion table is expected to be finalised on March 25. We will then publish the conversion table directly on our website. Producers then have to complete the Biomass Declaration, any applicable Sustainability Declaration(s) and the Biomass Registrations. We have made the necessary preparations to be able to proceed directly to the issuance of GoOs on receipt of declarations from producers.

We agree the situation is far from ideal and are doing our utmost to make sure the inconvenience will be as short as possible. We hope you will understand the measure taken to suspend the issuance.

Assurance Report

Now that we have passed the year-end, it is time for our producers to publish their Assurance Reports again.

In accordance with Article 17 of MR GVO (Ministerial Decree on energy from renewable sources), producers must submit an Assurance Report for 2018, drawn up by an external auditor, to Vertogas no later than four months after the end of the calendar year.

The Assurance Report should be prepared in accordance with the Biomass Assurance Report research protocol included in Appendix 3b and the Amendment to Appendix 3B for gas from renewable energy sources.

On the Vertogas website, under the heading ‘Assurance Report’ you can find an updated guide including a sample report. Please note that there are some changes to the substantive requirements compared to last year! All the changes to the Ministerial Decree can be consulted here.

Corrections following the Assurance Report will be based on the “old” NTA list. We ask all producers to ensure that we have received their 2018 Assurance Reports, prepared in accordance with the guidelines outlined above, by no later than April 30, 2019.

For the sake of completeness, we refer to the fact that, pursuant to Article 28 of the Ministerial Decree, a strict penalty provision applies if the report is not received by Vertogas by April 30, 2019.

List of Traders and Producers

As soon as a new producer and/or trader has registered with Vertogas and supplied all the compulsory documents, this party will be added to our list of traders and producers, provided the producer has given its written permission.

The list of producers can be consulted here. The list of traders can be consulted here.

Both lists are updated regularly.

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